Breast Augmentation

Lack of volume in your breast shape which may be due to congenital reasons or due to later formation...
Breast Augmentation
Reshape and embrace yourself with the best!

Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation
Reshape and embrace yourself with the best!

Breast Augmentation

Lack of volume in your breast shape which may be due to congenital reasons or due to later formation may be making you unhappy. It is not difficult to have an increased breast size and a fuller shape. Thanks to the breast implants, which have proven to be reliable by many international bodies, you can restore your breast shape to the desired volume.

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation surgery is a surgery to enhance and shape the volume in the breasts or to have fuller and larger breasts. Breast augmentation surgery is also called augmentation mammoplasty. The breast augmentation procedure may be performed via an implant or a fat tissue implant.

Silicone breast implants are generally preferred in breast augmentation surgeries. Fat tissue transfers are mostly performed in addition to breast implants. Or it can be transferred to the breast in order to reuse the fat in patients who have undergone liposuction. Most of the fat transferred in breast augmentation procedures may dissolve later. Silicone breast implants can be placed in several different areas. These areas may be categorized under 3 headings under the muscle, over the muscle and partially between both.

In under the muscular prostheses, the implant is placed under the pectoral muscle and this plan is called subpectoral or submuscular plan. In partial submuscular implants, the lower pole of the implant is under the breast tissue while the upper pole is under the muscle. This procedure is called dual plan. In over the muscle prostheses the prostheses is placed over the pectoral muscle. Breast augmentation surgeries performed this way are called subfascial or subglandular breast augmentation.

Breast Augmentation at a glance

Below you can find detailed technical information that will help you learn more about the surgery. This information is general and may vary according to the operation and its combinations.

Duration of Treatment
(5 Days)
Duration of Operation
(1 Hours)
(1-3 Months)
Sleeping Position
(1 Week Face Up)
(10 Days)
(5 Days)
(7 Days)
Back to Work
(14 Days)
Exercise Restriction
(2 Months)
Unlock your charm with breast augmentation surgery!

Why do people have breast augmentation surgery?

Why do people have breast augmentation surgery?

Who Are the Ideal Candidates?

In order to have a breast augmentation operation the ideal candidate should:

  • Be in good psychological and physical health
  • Have realistic expectations about the operation
  • There should be no problems in the examination of your breast tissue with imaging methods.
Some examples of our surgeries

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Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery

Dr. Burak Pasinlioğlu

Dr. Burak Pasinlioğlu
Dr. Burak Pasinlioğlu
Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery

What do the experts say about this operation?

We're with you at every step of the operation.

Here you will find some useful information that will help you prepare for your plastic surgery, prepare the necessary setup to avoid any problems that may arise, and make the necessary arrangements to ensure that everything goes smoothly during your stay in Turkiye.

Your journey for your aesthetic surgery will begin with a consultation with our famous aesthetic surgeon in Istanbul. This meeting will last about 30 minutes.

During your in person consultation with our famous plastic surgeon Dr. Burak Pasinlioğlu, you can ask all the questions you have in mind about the operation. It may be a good idea to write down all your questions before the consultation. Our doctor will get familiar with all your expectations and provide you detailed information about this subject by determining what is possible for your anatomy. In addition, our doctor will explain to you how the operation process will proceed after answering all your questions.

It is important to consider the following before you turn up for your cosmetic surgery.

Quit smoking: Smoking reduces blood flow in the skin. For this reason, we recommend that you quit smoking six weeks before the operation and during the recovery period in order to have a faster recovery process after the operation.

Minimise alcohol: Try to minimise alcohol drinking before the operation. Do not drink alcohol on the day of the operation or stop drinking a few days before. After the operation is completed, you are not allowed to drink alcohol until the medication given to you is finished. Our doctor and team will warn you about this.

General anaesthesia: Your operation will be performed under general anaesthesia. Eat eight hours before the operation. Don't drink water or eat less than six hours before the operation.

On the day of your operation, our transfer vehicle will pick you up from your hotel and transfer you to the hospital where the operation will take place. Before the operation, you will have a preliminary in person meeting with our doctor and our team once again. As a result of this preliminary meeting, drawings will be made and photos will be taken according to your expectations.

Your aesthetic surgery will end with drawing being made, check of blood tests, operation, hospital stay, discharge and follow-up process.

You may feel a little sleepy and tired after your aesthetic surgery. This condition will decrease after one or two hours of rest.

Our doctor will provide you information about the operation during discharge. They will explain what you should pay attention to after the operation and the use of medication. We expect you to take your medication regularly. You may feel a little sluggish and tired after the operation. This condition, can be taken under control with the painkillers prescribed to you.

During the recovery process, our teams will call you to ask about your condition and ask you for a photo. An online consultation will be made with you by communicating your recovery process to our doctor.

We are always with you in your process of change

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Are you ready for your Journey of Change?

We are here for you to plan your entire journey to make the operation you desire a much better experience for you. Considering all the details, we are always with you during your stay in Istanbul.

It is a detailed consultation with our experts about the organisation and operation.

Our famous plastic surgeon will answer all your questions in detail by inquiring your operation expectations during the in person consultation.

While renewing your body, you can evaluate all the care your skin needs with Famous Dermatologist Associate Professor Ezgi Özkur, get advice from them and start treatment.

Our doctor and nurses will check your eligibility for the operation by making the necessary medical assessment before the operation.

You will have your last pre-operative in person consultation with our doctor at the hospital. Our doctor will prepare you for the operation via drawings according to your expectations.

24 hour room service, satellite TV, breakfast, lunch, dinner and your own en-suite hospital room with en-suite bathroom for 1 or 2 days depending on the operation.

At your first follow-up consultation, our doctor will check you after the operation and tell you what you should pay attention to and the entire post-operative care process.

Our experienced staff, specially assigned for you, will be in contact with you during your stay in Istanbul after you are discharged from the hospital and will visit you whenever necessary

At your second follow-up visit, your treatment will be completed by our doctor by making your dressing. When you go back to your country, you will be told about all the procedures you need to do and pay attention to.

We will follow you closely for 1 year during your recovery process managed by our experienced team.

Frequently asked questions about breast augmentation

You can find detailed information about the operation and organisation before you come to Turkiye. You can contact your sales representative for any other questions you may have.

There are two main types of breast implants: saline implants, which are filled with sterile saltwater, and silicone implants, which are filled with silicone gel.

Risks and complications may include infection, bleeding, changes in nipple sensation, implant rupture or leakage, capsular contracture, and adverse reactions to anesthesia.

The duration of breast augmentation surgery varies depending on factors such as the surgical technique used and whether additional procedures are performed but typically ranges from one to two hours.

The recovery process involves wearing a surgical bra, managing discomfort with pain medication, avoiding strenuous activities for several weeks, attending follow-up appointments, and following postoperative instructions provided by the surgeon.

Yes, breast augmentation surgery leaves scars, but they are typically well-hidden and fade over time. The location and extent of scarring depend on factors such as the incision technique used and individual healing factors.

While breast implants are not considered lifetime devices, they are designed to be long-lasting. However, factors such as implant type, lifestyle, and aging may affect the longevity of implants.

Yes, breast augmentation surgery can help improve breast asymmetry by adding volume to one breast to achieve better symmetry with the other.

While temporary changes in nipple sensation are common after breast augmentation surgery, permanent loss of sensation is rare. The sensation may gradually return over time as the nerves heal.

Many women can breastfeed after breast augmentation surgery, but it may depend on factors such as the surgical technique used and individual anatomy. It's advisable to discuss this with your surgeon before the procedure.

The choice of implant size depends on factors such as your body frame, breast anatomy, desired outcome, and surgeon's recommendations. Your surgeon can help you select implants that are proportionate to your body.

When performed by a skilled surgeon using appropriate techniques and implants, breast augmentation surgery can achieve natural-looking and feeling results that are in harmony with your body proportions.

Breast implants may affect the visibility of breast tissue on mammograms, so it's important to inform the radiologist about the presence of implants. Additional imaging techniques may be recommended for more accurate screening.

While rare, breast implants can rupture or leak over time due to factors such as trauma, aging, or manufacturing defects. Regular monitoring and follow-up with your surgeon are important to detect any issues early.

Discomfort during and after breast augmentation surgery is common but can be managed with pain medication prescribed by your surgeon. Most patients find that discomfort improves significantly within a few days to weeks.

Yes, breast implants can be placed either above the chest muscle (subglandular) or beneath the chest muscle (submuscular), depending on factors such as your anatomy and aesthetic goals.

Common incision options for breast augmentation surgery include inframammary (under the breast crease), periareolar (around the nipple), and transaxillary (in the armpit). The choice of incision depends on factors such as implant type, desired outcome, and surgeon's recommendations.

While breast implants are not considered lifetime devices, they are designed to be long-lasting. However, factors such as aging, changes in breast tissue, and personal preference may warrant implant replacement or revision surgery in the future.

Yes, breast augmentation surgery can help improve the appearance of tuberous breasts by adding volume and reshaping the breast tissue to achieve a more rounded and balanced contour.

While some immediate enhancement is noticeable, final results may take several weeks to months as swelling subsides, implants settle into place, and tissues heal. Your surgeon can guide what to expect during the recovery process.

Breast implants may make breast self-exams slightly more challenging, but it's still important to perform regular self-exams to monitor for any changes in your breast tissue. Your surgeon can provide instructions on how to perform self-exams effectively with implants.

While breast augmentation surgery primarily focuses on increasing breast size, it may also provide some degree of lift and improvement in breast shape. However, significant breast sagging may require additional procedures such as a breast lift (mastopexy) for optimal results.

Breast implants should not significantly interfere with exercise or physical activities once you have fully healed from surgery. However, it's important to wear appropriate supportive sports bras and avoid activities that may cause trauma to the breasts.

Your surgeon may recommend making lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking, avoiding certain medications and supplements, and maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine to optimize your overall health and enhance surgical outcomes.

Turkey is known for its high-quality healthcare infrastructure, experienced plastic surgeons, state-of-the-art facilities, and affordable pricing compared to many Western countries. Patients can expect excellent care and beautiful results while enjoying the cultural and historical attractions of Turkey.



In line with the importance we attach to quality and reliability in healthcare services, our clinically contracted hospitals are certified by JCI (Joint Commission International) to comply with international standards. JCI certification plays a key role in guaranteeing the quality and reliability of the healthcare services we provide to our patients. Under contract with TrustMed, the hospital, located in Şişli, is a point where healthcare excellence, advanced technology and strategic accessibility meet. This medical facility is a testament to advanced technology and infrastructure, with a team of nationally and internationally recognised specialists offering warm and personalised services to its patients.

Regular audits are critical to ensure that our hospitals consistently deliver high quality services. In this way, we strive to best meet the healthcare needs of our patients and provide a safe healthcare environment.

Our doctor's advice on the operation

Explore the operation further

Maternity is a unique experience in a woman's life, and the body undergoes significant changes during this process. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, and childbirth can particularly affect breast tissue, leading to dissatisfaction for many women. Breast augmentation is an aesthetic procedure that responds to these feelings by preserving naturalness and restoring confidence. Whether seeking a subtle enhancement or a more dramatic transformation, breast augmentation in Turkey offers a range of options tailored to individual preferences and needs

What is Breast Augmentation?

The operation is an aesthetic procedure performed to increase the volume of breast tissue and achieve a fuller appearance. This procedure is popular among women and allows the breast to reach the desired size. Breast augmentation surgeries can be performed using silicone breast implants or nonsurgical methods. This procedure is personalized based on the patient's anatomy and preferences.

Why Should You Get Your Breast Augmentation In Turkey?

  • Cost: Breast Augmentation in Turkey is more affordable compared to many Western countries without compromising the quality of the operation.
  • Qualified Surgeons: Turkey has welltrained and qualified plastic surgeons who have received education and training from reputable institutions.
  • Modern Facilities: Many private clinics and hospitals such as TrustMed in Turkey are equipped with modern facilities and adhere to international standards.
  • Privacy: You may prefer to undergo your Breast Augmentation in Turkey, away from your local community for added privacy. Turkey offers a degree of anonymity for individuals seeking cosmetic surgery.

Are You A Good Candidate For Breast Augmentation?

You are a good candidate for Breast Augmentation if you:

  • are not pleased with your current body contour,
  • stopped breastfeeding at least a year ago,
  • have no problem in the examination of your breast tissue with imaging methods (mammography, breast USG),
  • are determined to undergo cosmetic surgeries to have your desired body.

Preoperative Preparation and Operation Process

Before breast augmentation surgery, the surgeon examines the patient. They evaluate the patient's expectations and provide information about suitable implant options.

  • Implant Selection: Implants suitable for the patient's preference and anatomy are chosen. Implants generally contain silicone or saline and come in different shapes and sizes.
  • Anesthesia: The operation is usually performed under general anesthesia, allowing the patient to sleep comfortably during the procedure.
  • Incisions and Implant Placement: The surgeon places the implants in the appropriate position through incisions made under the breast, around the areola, or in the armpit.
  • Sutures: Incisions are closed with sutures. The surgeon places the sutures to minimize visible scars.

What Can You Expect After Breast Augmentation?

  • Enhanced Breast Size: The primary goal of breast augmentation is to increase the size and volume of your breasts, providing a more proportionate and balanced figure according to your desired outcome.
  • Improved Breast Symmetry: If you have asymmetrical breasts, breast augmentation can help create a more symmetrical appearance by adjusting the size and shape of each breast to achieve better balance.
  • Enhanced Cleavage: Breast implants can improve the appearance of cleavage, giving you a fuller and more defined chest area.
  • Boosted Confidence: Many women experience increased selfconfidence and satisfaction with their appearance after breast augmentation, leading to improved body image and overall wellbeing.
  • Surgical Scarring: While efforts are made to minimize scarring, there will be some scars present after breast augmentation. These scars typically fade over time and are strategically placed to be less noticeable.
  • LongTerm Results: Breast implants are not lifetime devices, and they may need to be replaced or removed at some point in the future. However, many women enjoy longlasting results from breast augmentation surgery.

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