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The contracted doctors are highly successful and renown doctors in their respective specialties. In plastic and cosmetic surgery, works with the famous surgeon Dr. Burak Pasinlioğlu, who has a qualification certificate by the European Committee of Plastic Surgery (EBOPRAS) and the Turkish Society of Plastic Reconstructive Surgery.

In the specialty of dermatology TrustMed Clinic works with Assoc. Dr Ezgi Özkur, a renowned dermatologist with 4 international awards and Turkish board certification.

TrustMed Clinic aims to increase the standards of health tourism in Turkiye, incorporate high quality service and grow internationally.

TrustMed Clinic aims to be the best clinic in Turkiye and worldwide in mummy makeover, breast aesthetics, facial aesthetics, body aesthetics and male aesthetics in the specialty of aesthetic and plastic surgery, and in all dermocosmetic procedures in the specialty of dermatology. Thanks to its contracted doctors and no hidden cost guarantee, TrustMed Clinic is proudly serving among the leading companies in health tourism in Turkiye. Here at TrustMed Clinic, we offer you tailored services with discounted flight tickets, hotel organization, airport and city transfers, insurance services and post-operative care packages.

TrustMed Clinic, which sets forth with a motto focused and specialized in the field of body and skin, offers you full support in your treatment journey and outstanding personalized care with a service at European standards and a one-year recovery follow-up process.

HIS Assurance

HIS Travel is an international tourism company established in Japan in 1980 and has started to serve in Turkiye since 2005. Proudly offers a service at European standards in Turkiye thanks to its large investment in the field of health tourism. TrustMed Clinic is the contracted brand of HIS Travel.

  • 65 countries where our branches are located.
  • 204 cities where our branches are located.
  • 374 total branches in the world.
  • 16323 employees worldwide.
  • Japanese sense of quality.
  • 7/24 Service
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Welcome to TrustMed Clinic, where your journey to enhanced beauty and well-being begins. As a leading destination for health and aesthetics, we are dedicated to providing world-class medical services in the heart of Istanbul, Turkey.

Our Commitment to Excellence:

  • Internationally renowned doctors and specialists
  • State-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technology
  • Tailored treatment plans for each patient's unique needs
  • Comprehensive follow-up care for a year after your procedure
  • Affordable and transparent pricing with no hidden costs

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