Pros and cons of scheduling mummy makeover surgery during children's holidays

As a mother, it will no doubt come to mean that you'll have a busy schedule. Having a child is a big decision. It changes your entire life both in a positive and negative way. After you have decided to change your life in order to have a child, you have experienced the ups and downs during pregnancy and you have started to take care of your child immediately afterwards. However, the time you devote to the little joy of your home means that you eventually ignore your own care and needs. Because motherhood requires enormous sacrifice.

The biggest thing that gets overlooked when focusing on the aspects of achieving excellence in motherhood and being the best mum is your self-confidence. Major changes occur in women's bodies after pregnancy and childbirth. Many women cannot restore the body image they used to have before birth without professional help after birth. Here is the exact moment in which mummy makeover comes into play. These unique set of surgeries are a great way to help you restore your self-confidence and provide the rejuvenation needed by restoring your body to its pre-natal state.

If you have heard about the mummy makeover procedure, made a search about it and aim to have this surgery in the near future, you may have dozens of questions on your mind. The most important questions such as how this procedure will change my life, the healing process, when the operation will be planned may have been in your mind. To put your mind at rest, Surgeon Dr. Burak Pasinlioğlu answered all questions about mummy makeover for you.

Which operations does mummy makeover include?

Mummy makeover is a major surgery, although it is exciting, because it includes more than one operation. This surgery can be very extensive and the recovery process may take a little longer than other operations. However, most women who have undergone this operation will agree that it is worth the downtime at the end of recovery.

No one has to spend a lifetime with a body they do not want and are not comfortable with, after having a child. Getting back in shape to your pre-pregnancy body can be life-changing. Although mummy makeover is not a weight loss surgery, it is a process that completely changes the shape of your body. The main purpose of mummy makeover is to change your body like an hourglass and empower your physical and mental health. It is a powerful surgery that aims to make you feel more confident and comfortable. Mummy makeover is usually a combination of tummy tuck, liposuction, breast reduction, breast augmentation and breast lift operations. Some mothers add Brazilian butt lift in addition to these operations. As a result, whichever of these operations the woman needs, the best result is tried to be obtained by combining them. Advantages of planning a mummy makeover in summer

As summer is fast approaching, it can be a great plan for you to prioritise your personal care with the children's school holidays and planning your mummy makeover. You may get into the summer with a brand new you. Those planning mummy makeover surgery have always preferred the summer months for many years. This time can be a great opportunity because children's schedules are more flexible and school commitments are much less. Specifically, the summer months are a good time to have surgery secretly without being noticed at work. In other words, the summer months provide more opportunities for the recovery process due to less household and child responsibilities. It gives you more flexibility for rest and recovery after surgery.

During the summer months, it is often easier to get postoperative support from partners, friends or family members due to their flexible schedules. The tips given by our doctor to get the best results from this surgery process. Although the healing process is not the same for people who have had the operation, there are a few important steps you can take to make your recovery smoother and experience it in the best possible way.

Resting is the key to maximizing your recovery. This is a great time to browse your favourite books, films that you can't watch, to make this rest process more enjoyable.

Do not be afraid to ask for help, It will be good to have someone around you to help you during the recovery process after mummy makeover surgery, even if it is for a short time. When you have a combination of operations, including a tummy tuck, you will need someone to help you for 14 days.

Stay away from the sun; After the operation, you should stay away from sunlight in order for your wounds to heal. We recommend applying sunscreen or wearing sun-protective clothing.

Listen to your body; Listen to your body during the healing process in mummy makeover, and although the healing process of each patient is different, be sure to listen to your body when your body says you need to rest.

To conclude; Prioritising self-care and identifying your needs is not a bad thing. You may feel a lack of self-confidence because of your body after giving birth, but it doesn't have to stay that way. If you are thinking of restoring your pre-pregnancy body and confidence, mummy makeover is a great procedure for this. It may be a great idea to have this combination of surgery in the summer months. You can complete your recovery on a more flexible schedule, avoiding children and daily household chores for a little longer. As a result, when your healing process is completed without stress, you will start life again with your confidence and your renewed body.

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