Pros and cons of planning maternity plastic surgery on children's vacation

As a mom there's no doubt that means having your entire schedule packed. Having a child is a big decision. It changes your whole life positively and negatively. After you decided to change your life to have a child, you started to take care of your child right after experiencing the ups and downs of pregnancy. However, it means ignoring your own care and needs because of the time you spend for the little joy of your home. Because motherhood requires great sacrifice.

The biggest thing that gets overlooked when focusing on motherhood excellence and the aspects of being the best mother is your self-confidence. A woman's body undergoes major changes after pregnancy and childbirth. Many women cannot regain their prenatal body image without professional help after giving birth. Maternity aesthetic surgery also comes into play at this exact time. These unique surgeries are a great way to restore your self-confidence and give your body the much needed rejuvenation by restoring it to its pre-birth state.

If you have heard of and researched the maternity aesthetic procedure and aim to have this surgery in the near future, you may have dozens of questions in your mind. You may have the most important questions in your mind, such as how this procedure will change my life, the recovery process, and when the operation will be planned. To ease your worries, Op. Dr. We got answers to all questions about motherhood aesthetics from Burak Pasinlioğlu for you.

What operations does maternity aesthetics cover?

Although maternity aesthetics is exciting because it involves more than one operation, it is a major surgery. This surgery can be very extensive and the healing process may take a little longer than other operations. However, most women who have had this operation will agree that it is well worth it after the recovery.

No one has to spend a lifetime with a body they don't want and feel comfortable with after having a child. Getting back to your pre-pregnancy body can change your life.

Although maternity aesthetics is not a weight loss surgery, it is a process that completely changes the shape of your body. The main purpose of maternity aesthetics is a powerful surgery that changes your body like an hourglass, increases your physical and mental health, and aims to make you feel safer and more comfortable.

Maternity aesthetics is usually a combination of tummy tuck, fat removal, breast reduction, augmentation and lift operations. Some mothers add butt augmentation in addition to these operations. As a result, the best result is tried to be obtained by combining which of these operations the woman needs.

Advantages of planning maternity aesthetics in the summer

With summer fast approaching, it may be a great plan for you to prioritize your self-care with the kids' school holidays and scheduling a motherhood aesthetic. You can enter the summer with a brand new you.

Those who plan maternity aesthetic surgery have always preferred the summer months for many years. Because children's schedules are more flexible and school obligations are much less, this period can be a great opportunity. Especially the summer months are a good time to have surgery secretly at work.

In other words, the summer months provide more opportunities for the healing process due to less home and child responsibilities. It gives you more flexibility for post-surgery rest and recovery. It is often easier to get post-surgery support from spouses, friends or family members in the summer because of their flexible schedules.

In order to get the best efficiency from this surgical process, the tips given by our doctor are not the same for people who have every operation, but there are a few important steps you can take to make the most of your recovery and experience.

Get ready for some relaxation

The way to maximize your healing process is to rest. This is a great time to browse your favorite books or movies you couldn't watch to make this rest period more enjoyable.

Don't be afraid to ask for help

It will be good to have someone around you who will help you, even if it is short, during the recovery process after maternity aesthetic surgery. When you have a combination of operations including tummy tuck surgery, you will need someone's help for 14 days.

stay out of the sun

After the operation, you need to stay away from sunlight in order for your wounds to heal. We recommend applying sunscreen or wearing sun-protective clothing.

listen to your body

Listen to your body during the healing process in maternity aesthetics and listen to your body when it says you need to rest, even though each patient's recovery process is different.

In conclusion;

It's not a bad thing to prioritize taking care of yourself and identify and fulfill your needs. Feeling of lack of self-confidence due to your body after birth

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